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Powerful Storytelling for Today's World

Minute Docs crafts authentic connections for businesses and non-profits through impactful story telling media, prioritizing genuine engagement over traditional advertising.

Ashton Hudson, LT Creatives employee, recording video for a client with a video camera
Commercial shoot BTS: Camera recording a lady at a table, capturing professional scenes for a video production.
Documentary Videographer filming an interview in Uganda
LT creative owner Levi Templeton on set of a video production.
Two individuals engaged in directing and discussing, framed by lights, with the actor in the foreground capturing the collaborative essence of filmmaking
LT Creatives video shoot in Africa for Good Shepherd's Fold non-profit on a sunny day. Black and white image featuring two subjects, camera equipment, and interviewer capturing impactful scenes for charity storytelling.
Camera monitor displaying a subject illuminated by lights, against a white background, capturing behind-the-scenes moments of the filming process.

Our Mission:

Minute Docs is dedicated to capturing and sharing impactful narratives that educate, inspire, and foster positive change for businesses and non-profits alike.


Your Story, Our Craft


Levi Templeton is a Liberty University marketing graduate, who shares a passion for storytelling. Levi founded Minute Docs on a mission to bring purposeful narratives to life

Levi Templeton

Sponsor a Non-Profit


Through our unique sponsorship program, your company can be a catalyst for meaningful stories. Your logo prominently featured on each sponsored video not only associates your brand with purpose but also supports the causes that matter. Join us in making a difference—one minute at a time.

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