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The Problem:

The Academy Center of the Arts, through its "Academy in Motion" program, aimed to bring the arts to underserved communities and individuals who faced barriers preventing them from experiencing art on its physical campus. They needed a captivating 4.5-minute video that not only showcased the program but also inspired viewers to support their free arts initiatives, particularly through donations at their gala fundraiser. Additionally, they required a longer version of the video for their website and individual interview footage for marketing purposes.

The Solution:

Minute Docs approached the Academy Center of the Arts' project with a creative and strategic approach:

  1. Artistic Storytelling: We created a 4.5-minute video that embraced an artistic and entertaining style. Our video showcased the "Academy in Motion" bus at various locations like the Lynchburg Library, Blue Ridge Day Options, and the Jubilee Family Development Center. Each location highlighted underserved communities that lacked access to the arts. Our approach ensured the video was not just informative but emotionally engaging.

  2. Fundraiser Focus: Recognizing the need for the video to inspire donations, we crafted a convincing and light-hearted narrative that encouraged viewers to support the free arts program. Our content was designed to connect with the audience on a personal level and convey the positive impact of their contributions.

  3. Content Variety: In addition to the 4.5-minute video, we provided a longer version for their website, ensuring a comprehensive presentation of their mission and initiatives. We conducted interviews and provided individual interview footage to the Academy's marketing team for future use, enhancing their ability to communicate their message effectively.


The result was a visually compelling, emotionally resonant video that not only informed but also motivated viewers to support the Academy Center of the Arts' "Academy in Motion" program. By tailoring our content to their gala fundraiser and providing versatile interview footage, we helped the Academy maximize the impact of their message and engage their audience on multiple fronts.

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