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Featured Projects.




Pepsico Greenhouse Accelerator Program

Greenhouse Accelerator Program

plants in growth, with the backdrop of the Agria logo—a leading vertical farming technology company

Vertical Farming Innovation

Lynchburg, Virginia Elvis Festival stage featuring an Elvis impersonator captivating the crowd with a spirited performance, celebrating the iconic music and energy of Elvis Presley.

TMJR Productions
Elvis Festival 2023

individual from Achieve of Central Virginia's day program, a program providing job opportunities for special needs adults, diligently boxing up washers for shipment, showcasing dedication and meaningful contributions to the workplace.
Academy Center of the Arts' 'Academy in Motion' Bus Program video. A young girl proudly displaying her artwork to the camera, surrounded by kids painting in the background.

Academy Center of the Arts
Mobile Masterpieces

One Community One Voice thumbnail

One Community. One Voice. 
Impactful Programs and Positive Change

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