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The Problem:

TMJR Productions, organizers of the annual Lynchburg Virginia Elvis Festival needed a comprehensive media solution. Their challenge was to effectively showcase the high production value of the show and the extensive work behind it. Additionally, they aimed to appeal to a diverse audience, from older Elvis enthusiasts to a younger generation of fans, and they wanted to break the stereotype that the festival was "corny" or "Vegas-style." To address these complex needs, TMJR Productions engaged LT Creative.

The Solution:

Different and Better Approach:

  1. Professional Video and Photo Capture: We documented the entire event with high-quality video and photography, imbuing the content with a cinematic style to emphasize the professionalism of the production. This approach ensured that the festival's level of excellence was visually apparent.

  2. Multigenerational Appeal: Recognizing the need to attract both older Elvis fans and a younger generation, we designed the media to bridge the generational gap. We made the festival appear fun, fresh, and appealing to all demographics, moving beyond the stereotype of a "corny" or "Vegas-style" event.

  3. Social Media Strategy: We brainstormed social media reel ideas in advance to ensure we captured content that would facilitate the post-show video creation process. This approach helped maximize the festival's online presence and impact.

  4. Diverse Video Formats: To cater to different marketing channels, we captured video in both horizontal and vertical formats. This allowed TMJR Productions to use the content across a wide range of media, from websites and TV to social media advertising.

  5. Versatile Photography: We employed two cameras for photography. One camera captured crisp, high-definition images to convey a modern feel, while the film camera provided a nostalgic 1960s/1970s-era photography style reminiscent of the Elvis era. This versatility ensured that the event had a wide array of images for various advertising needs.


Our innovative approach yielded tangible results for TMJR Productions. The media content effectively showcased the high production value and fun atmosphere of the Elvis festival. The ability to appeal to both older and younger audiences broadened their reach, and the diverse media formats allowed them to adapt their content for various marketing channels. Additionally, the dual-photography approach provided versatility in imagery, enabling the festival to connect with different target demographics.

video of lynchburg virginia elvis festival featuring Taylor Rodriguez
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