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The Problem:

Agria, an agtech company with a mission to feed the world without the use of chemicals, pesticides, or fertilizers, faced a challenge in educating their social media audience about the distinctions between their soil-based approach and hydroponics. Additionally, there was a need to shed light on the harmful effects of current corporate farming practices on both our bodies and the environment. Minute Docs, in collaboration with Agria, aimed to tackle this challenge by adopting a neutral yet authentic documentary-style approach to effectively communicate these messages. Despite the significance of the information, the challenge was to engage and educate their audience without being overly biased.

The Solution:

Minute Docs developed a strategic solution to address Agria's challenges:

  1. Educational Documentary Style: Minute Docs crafted short, one-minute documentary-style videos to educate the audience on the differences between Agria's soil-based approach and hydroponics. The neutral and authentic tone allowed viewers to make informed decisions without feeling pressured.

  2. Investor Pitch Video: Recognizing the need to attract potential investors, Minute Docs also created a concise 30-second investor pitch video. This video succinctly communicated Agria's mission, showcasing the innovation and sustainability of their farming practices.

  3. Social Media Growth: Leveraging the power of storytelling and a documentary approach, Minute Docs successfully grew Agria's social media account to approximately 18,000 followers. This growth indicated the effectiveness of their strategy in engaging and expanding their audience base.


Our solutions led to tangible results for Agria. The concise investor pitch video effectively conveyed their mission, attracting interest from potential investors. The package of social media videos significantly boosted their online presence and follower count. Additionally, the stock photos provided versatile visuals to support their messaging across various platforms.

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