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The Problem:

Achieve of Central Virginia, a pivotal support organization for adults with disabilities, faced a crucial challenge as they approached their 60th anniversary. They needed to effectively communicate their mission and introduce newly branded programs to the public. The goal was not just to showcase the services but to humanize the experience by letting the individuals within their programs share personal stories. Additionally, Achieve recognized the importance of adapting media for various platforms, necessitating a flexible approach.

The Solution:

Minute Docs tackled Achieve's challenges with a strategic and efficient approach:

  1. Storytelling Interviews: Heartfelt interviews with disabled adults personalized Achieve's mission, allowing individuals to share their stories and highlight the positive impact of the programs.

  2. Program Showcase: Videos used a storytelling format to showcase Achieve's programs, emphasizing structured activities, adult day support, vocational training, and employment services.

  3. Flexible Media Usage: Minute Docs shot media with versatility in mind. They created a longer video for the Achieve website and broke it down into shorter clips for optimal use across social media platforms.


Minute Docs' strategic approach yielded impactful outcomes:

  • Engaging Content: The storytelling interviews and program showcases created emotionally resonant content, effectively conveying Achieve's mission and the positive impact of their programs.

  • Versatile Media: The flexible media strategy, incorporating longer and shorter videos, catered to diverse audience preferences and platforms, ensuring broader reach and engagement.

  • Brand Enhancement: The captured photos not only visually enhanced Achieve's new branding but also provided a library of visuals for use in promotional materials, reinforcing their messaging.

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