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The Problem:

One Community One Voice (OCOV) faced the challenge of effectively communicating their multifaceted goals — connecting resources, touching lives, and seeking to end poverty through education, training, and employment opportunities. The organization needed a powerful way to showcase their past projects and initiatives, generate awareness in the community, and raise funds for their crucial endeavors. Additionally, their existing media presence required a significant update to better reflect the impact of their work.

The Solution:

LT Creative collaborated with One Community One Voice to address these challenges comprehensively. For the gala fundraiser, we conceptualized and produced a poignant video that highlighted OCOV's past projects and initiatives. The video was designed to evoke emotion, inspire change, and encourage viewers to contribute to OCOV's mission. Through a careful blend of storytelling, visuals, and testimonials, we aimed to create a compelling narrative that resonated with the audience.
In addition to the gala video, we expanded OCOV's media presence by capturing key events, such as the free basketball clinic for kids in the community. By documenting these activities, we aimed to showcase the positive impact OCOV was making at a grassroots level.
Recognizing the importance of a modern and engaging online presence, we undertook a complete overhaul of OCOV's website. The redesign aimed to make the site more user-friendly, visually appealing, and reflective of OCOV's values. The new website became a hub for information, stories, and opportunities for community engagement.


The gala video successfully conveyed the organization's mission, history, and impact, generating increased awareness and emotional engagement within the community. This translated into a heightened interest in OCOV's initiatives, as well as increased support and donations during and after the fundraising gala.
The documentation of events, particularly the basketball clinic, not only provided OCOV with valuable promotional material but also showcased the tangible, positive outcomes of their work in the community. The website redesign further amplified OCOV's visibility, making it a more accessible and inviting platform for individuals looking to learn, engage, or contribute.
Overall, the combined efforts of LT Creative resulted in a strengthened and more impactful presence for One Community One Voice, enabling them to better connect with the community, communicate their mission, and further their goals of addressing needs, touching lives, and working towards ending poverty through education and opportunities.

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