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The Problem:

PepsiCo's Greenhouse Accelerator Program faced the challenge of effectively communicating the profound impact of their initiative—fostering green and natural solutions through emerging companies. While traditional event documentation could capture the moments, there was a need for a creative touch that went beyond the ordinary. PepsiCo desired media that not only showcased the success of the participating companies but also conveyed the transformative journey they undertook under PepsiCo's mentorship. They sought a narrative that celebrated not just business growth, but the symbiotic relationship between these enterprises and the environment.

The Solution:

LT Creative stepped in to provide a bespoke solution. Understanding the unique nature of the Greenhouse Accelerator Program, we conceptualized a storyline that went beyond standard event coverage. Inspired by the program's essence, we crafted a narrative that revolved around the metaphor of a seed—symbolizing the potential of each participating company. With each presentation, the seed took root, symbolizing the company's growth, resilience, and blossoming impact on the world. This concept not only resonated with the initiative but also echoed the natural, eco-friendly theme of the program.
We incorporated elements of nature into both videography and photography, weaving a visual narrative that vividly portrayed the journey from seed to flourishing plant. The creative approach aimed to capture not just the business success stories but also the broader environmental impact of the Greenhouse Accelerator Program.


PepsiCo received media content that went beyond a mere event recap—it became a compelling story of transformation and ecological harmony. The impact of the Greenhouse Accelerator Program was not only evident in the success of the companies but was beautifully reflected in the narrative crafted by LT Creative. The program's values and achievements were brought to life through our innovative approach, leaving a lasting impression on both the participants and the audience

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