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The Problem:

Good Shepherd's Fold (GSF) in Uganda faced a challenge in effectively showcasing their impactful ministry work. Despite their dedication to various projects and the passionate staff behind them, GSF struggled to capture and share their initiatives online. The difficulty lay in effectively communicating the depth of their projects, including the construction of a health clinic, special education block, and the impactful Farming God's Way program. 

The Solution:

Minute Docs embarked on a journey to Uganda, working closely with GSF to address their challenges and provide a solution:

  1. Comprehensive Video Production:

    • Traveled to Uganda to capture video footage of various GSF activities, including the construction of the health clinic, special education block, and the Farming God's Way program.

  2. In-Depth Interviews:

    • Conducted interviews with staff, teachers, and participants to showcase the passion behind GSF's initiatives and the strategies employed in special education.

  3. Mini Documentaries for Social Media:

    • Produced mini-documentaries showcasing GSF's projects, staff, and the impact on the community, making them suitable for sharing across social media platforms.

  4. Strategic Online Presence:

    • Assisted GSF in strategically enhancing their online presence by effectively communicating the depth of their projects, philosophy, and impact through the produced mini-documentaries.


The collaboration with Minute Docs resulted in:

  • Effective Online Showcase: The mini-documentaries provided GSF with a powerful tool to effectively showcase their diverse projects and passionate staff, addressing their previous struggle to convey the depth of their work online.

  • Impactful Storytelling: Through in-depth interviews and dynamic visual storytelling, Minute Docs captured the essence of GSF's initiatives, effectively conveying the passion and strategies employed in special education and community development.

  • Enhanced Social Media Engagement: The strategically crafted mini-documentaries facilitated increased engagement across GSF's social media platforms, allowing them to share more of their work and its impact on the people of Uganda.

GSF Katie Special Education
GSF Miriam Health Clinic
Miriam Special Education
GSF Farming Gods Way
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