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Parkview Missions

About Parkview:

Park View Community Mission, born in a church basement in 1996, has grown into a vital force in Lynchburg. Despite the church's closure in 2007, volunteers continued its legacy, establishing Food for Families, Lynchburg's largest client-choice pantry. The mission expanded its services to include nutrition education, the Food for Thought weekend backpack program for students, and the Life Skills Institute. In 2019, the Clothing Connection was launched to meet growing demand for clothing assistance. Today, as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, Park View Community Mission remains dedicated to offering help, healing, and hope to its neighbors through six impactful programs.


Why Sponsor?

  1. Meaningful ImpactYour investment goes beyond traditional advertising and becomes a force for good, creating a lasting impact on local causes.

  2. Effective Branding: Our one-minute storytelling-style documentaries ensure that your sponsorship is the final, memorable takeaway, forging a powerful connection with your audience.

  3. Marketing with Impact: Instead of traditional advertising channels, your sponsorship funds go into producing high-quality media for non-profits, providing a cost-effective way to elevate your brand.

  4. Community Recognition: Non-profit sponsorship allows you to actively participate in community initiatives, enhancing your brand's image and fostering goodwill among local consumers

Commercial Offer:


This sponsorship opportunity offers a 30-second TV advertisement for Parkview, showcasing their mission and impact in a story-driven documentary format. By dual-purposing the media for both commercial and social media purposes, sponsors can maximize brand exposure and impact across various platforms.


  • Brand Exposure: Reach a wide audience through advertisement slots on local TV stations and streaming networks, maximizing visibility for Parkview and its mission.

  • Storytelling Impact: Engage viewers with a compelling narrative that communicates the essence of Parkview's work and the positive change it brings to communities.

  • Sponsor Recognition: The commercial will conclude with a thank-you message acknowledging the media sponsorship, providing visibility for the sponsoring organization.

  • Estimated Reach: 15-30k impressions


  • Please contact us for pricing details as they can vary based on present marketing needs for the organization.


Social Media Offer:

Sponsorship Package:

  • Content Creation: At least 4 professionally produced videos and 2 captivating photo posts per month, showcasing the impactful work of Parkview Missions.

Client Benefits:

  • Brand Exposure: Prominent placement of sponsor's logo or mention in each video and photo post.

  • Social Media Recognition: Tagging and acknowledgment of sponsor's support on Parkview Missions' social media accounts.

  • Estimated 3,500-5,000 Views per month


  • Monthly Sponsorship: $1,250

TV Commercial
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your logo placed at the end of impactful videos like these.
(Sponsored videos can be made specialized for social media, tv commercials, and events.)

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your logo placed at the end of impactful videos like these.
(Sponsored videos can be made specialized for social media, tv commercials, and events.)

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