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Commercials that actually work.

Who said commercials have to be boring? We all know the feeling of being bombarded with the same corporate music, predictable animations, and unrelatable dialogue. But fear not, because LT brings a fresh perspective that combines our unique vision with yours, resulting in a truly impactful and memorable creation. Say goodbye to those dull local TV ads and let's collaborate on something that's not only effective, but fun and exciting too!

agria transparent white logo

Agria is a sustainable farming technology system invited by William Layton. Our goals was to showcase the system to bring in potential investors.

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We teamed up with Kaito Electronics to create an engaging product video for their Amazon listing, highlighting the features of their emergency radios in a fun and informative way. 

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CSE, a steel and erection company, commissioned us to create a video that not only showcased their work but also emphasized the importance of safety and the company's ethics to their employees.

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Delta Star transformer being lifted by a crane, showcasing the precision and scale of heavy equipment in the process of installation or relocation.
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