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CASA of Central Virginia

About CASA


CASA, an organization dedicated to advocating for children's best interests, appoints volunteers who work closely with judges to ensure each child's welfare. These volunteers remain involved with each case until the child finds a secure, permanent home. Collaborating with legal and child welfare professionals, educators, and service providers, CASA volunteers provide crucial information to judges to facilitate well-informed decisions. Grounded in the belief that children thrive best within their family of origin when safe, CASA's advocacy extends to children in foster care as well as those with their families. With a primary focus on reunification whenever feasible, CASA is committed to empowering children as they navigate toward stability and nurturing environments.

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Why Sponsor?

  1. Crafted for Lasting Impressions: Our storytelling-style documentaries ensure that your brand is not just seen, but remembered. Each sponsorship becomes a powerful narrative, forging deep connections with your target audience.

  2. Marketing with Purpose: Rather than funneling funds into conventional advertising channels, your sponsorship directly fuels the creation of high-quality media for non-profits. This unique approach not only raises awareness for the non-profit but also showcases your brand's unwavering commitment to community betterment.

  3. Elevate Your Brand, Elevate Your Community: By sponsoring non-profits, you actively engage in community-driven initiatives, amplifying your brand's presence and earning recognition as a socially responsible leader. Your support fosters goodwill among local consumers, solidifying your brand's positive reputation.

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Social Media Offer:

Sponsorship Package:

  • Content Creation: 4 professionally produced videos and 2 captivating photo posts per month, showcasing the impactful work of CASA.  

Client Benefits:

  • Brand Exposure: Prominent placement of sponsor's logo or mention in each video and photo post.

  • Social Media Recognition: Tagging and acknowledgment of sponsor's support on
    CASA's social media accounts.

  • Estimated 3,500-5,000 Views per month


  • Monthly Sponsorship: $1,250

Commercial Offer:


This sponsorship opportunity offers a 30-second TV advertisement for CASA, showcasing their mission and impact in a story-driven documentary format. By dual-purposing the media for both commercial and social media purposes, sponsors can maximize brand exposure and impact across various platforms.


  • Brand Exposure: Reach a wide audience through advertisement slots on local TV stations and streaming networks, maximizing visibility for CASA and its mission.

  • Storytelling Impact: Engage viewers with a compelling narrative that communicates the essence of CASA's work and the positive change it brings to communities.

  • Sponsor Recognition: The commercial will conclude with a thank-you message acknowledging the media sponsorship, providing visibility for the sponsoring organization.

  • Estimated Reach: 15-30k impressions


  • Please contact us for pricing details as they can vary based on present marketing needs for the organization.


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