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Diving into the Blue of Creativity

Black and white headshot of Levi Templeton, owner of LT Creative, exuding professionalism and creative leadership in a portrait photograph.
Levi Templeton, owner of LT Creative, expertly holding a Sony camera in a music studio while filming for a client—an image capturing the intersection of creativity and professional videography.
levi templeton

Levi Templeton

Film + Art Director

Levi Templeton is a photographer and cinematographer who has been capturing moments through unique perspectives since childhood. Since 2017, he has used his skills to help non-profits, businesses, and music artists achieve their goals through visual expression. Levi's ability to combine his clients' needs with his own unique vision sets him apart as a versatile and skilled artist.

Levi Templeton

Ashton Hudson, cinematographer at LT Creative, confidently holding a camera on a film set, poised to capture the magic of the moment with skill and precision.


Ashton Hudson is a skilled filmmaker and photographer with a degree from Liberty University School of Business. With a passion for visual storytelling, Ashton excels behind the camera and has a keen eye for capturing moments that evoke emotion. He is also highly proficient in editing video footage, bringing his creative visions to life through the power of post-production.

Close-up photo featuring a camera lens with bokeh balls reflected, and a man capturing a picture in the lens reflection, highlighting the artistry and creativity of photography.
Bryce Leffew, expertly holding audio equipment on a film shoot, showcasing professionalism and technical expertise in capturing quality sound for the production
Professional photographer holding a camera on a gimbal, capturing steady shots at a venue, highlighting the versatility and precision of modern filming equipment


Bryce Leffew is a talented music video director, editor, and VFX artist with a passion for music and video production. He discovered his love for editing at a young age and has honed his skills over the years, becoming a master of his craft. By bringing his exceptional skills and creativity to every video project, Bryce has earned a well-deserved reputation as a top-notch professional in the industry.

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Behind-the-scenes snapshot: A camera and its monitor displaying the actress on screen, surrounded by lights against a white background, capturing the magic of a film set.
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